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Square Wave Oscillator

Square Wave Oscillator

Summary Description

The NEXSYS Square Wave Oscillator (CT1, CT2) is a Series A (4 pin) device that detects a signal level state change as the event which triggers output oscillation. The oscillating function will become active based on the state of an input signal level and will persist until the input level is reversed.

Square Wave Oscillator Block Diagram

Input Characteristics

28V: Operating Voltage (nom.), 4 mA current draw (max.). 

GND: Continuous Ground required. 

INPUT: The INPUT level determines if the device is in STANDBY or ACTIVE mode. The device can be specified to shift from STANDBY to ACTIVE on an INPUT state transition from a) +28 VDC to Ground or b) from Ground to +28 VDC.

Output Characteristics

OUTPUT: The Square Wave Oscillator offers two output options based on the state of the OUTPUT signal when device is in STANDBY. The specified oscillation frequency options range from between 0.25 Hz and 500 Hz. The output load capacity is 0.5A (Resistive). 

Oscillator (CT1): Ground when STANDBY and oscillating between High Impedance and Ground at specified frequency when ACTIVE. 

Oscillator (CT2): Open when STANDBY and oscillating between High Impedance and Ground at specified frequency when ACTIVE.  

Square Wave Oscillator – Application Examples

To help system designers understand the potential of NEXSYS Component Technology, we have assembled a collection of Application Notes. The links below show example applications that utilize the Square Wave Oscillator component.

Application Example

Master Warning Caution

Master Warning Caution This application diagram depicts a Master Warning & Caution flight deck indicator that has built-in custom blink circuitry. Whenever the internal circuitry senses that the warning and caution signals are active, the respective indicator will blink at the chosen rate.