NEXSYS® Component Technology – Sensors & Detectors

Voltage Sensor

Voltage Sensor

The Voltage Sensor is a 4-pin sensing and detecting device that can monitor DC under-volt or over-volt conditions and deliver a discrete output signal. A Voltage Sensor can be integrated in a VIVISUN® High Capacity or Compact switch body or can be included in a stand-alone NEXSYS® Module for use behind the panel.

  • Detect DC voltage above or below set point
  • Configurable as wide hysteresis sensor
  • Compact low power design
  • Wide operating voltage range
  • Replaces electromechanical voltage sensors
  • Combines with other NEXSYS components for complex functions
  • Reliable solid state design
  • Quick component response time
Voltage Sensor Block Diagram

How it Works

The Voltage Sensor is a solid state device that compares the sense input to an internal reference and determines if the sense line is above or below a predetermined set point. When the set point is crossed the output of the unit will change from open to ground or ground to open depending on the voltage sensor specified.

Component Features

The Voltage Sensor can monitor DC under-volt and over-volt conditions and deliver a discrete output signal. The Voltage Sensor has a set point range of 1 VDC to 48 VDC and can be specified to either;

  • transition to an active low (ground) state from an open (high impedance) state above the specified set point, or
  • transition to an open (high impedance) state from an active low (ground) state above the specified set point.

Two VSD1 units can be combined with a LOGIC Series Electronic Latch to create a wide hysteresis voltage sensor with separate pull-in and drop-out voltages.

Voltage Sensor – Application Examples

To help system designers understand the potential of NEXSYS Component Technology, we have assembled a collection of Application Notes. The link below shows an example application that utilizes the Voltage Sensor component.

Battery Backup Automatic Switchover