VIVISUN® Advanced Lighted Pushbutton
Switches and Indicators

  • DO-160 Tested and Qualified
  • MIL-PRF-22885 Qualified
  • MIL-STD-3009 NVIS Compliant
  • Standard Square and Large Rectangular Cap Display Options

Our VIVISUN line of ruggedized, illuminated pushbutton switches and indicators continues to offer the best-in-class solution for MIL-SPEC and aviation applications worldwide. Our products are engineered with leading edge technology to ensure ease of installation and maintenance-free operation throughout the life of the platform.

LED lighting and the unique electrical drive and dimming protection circuit allows the use of VIVISUN products where dimming control for NVIS compliance and low level lighting applications are required. Wide viewing angles and layered fault tolerance deliver unparalleled sunlight readable and night vision performance.

Flexibility in voltages, dimming, termination, sealing, circuit configurations and cap lighting provides substantial design options. Additionally, the ability to incorporate NEXSYS components in the indicator or switch body further enhances custom configuration opportunities.

Mechanical Specifications

  • Indicator, momentary action switch or alternate action switch
  • Up to four electromechanical switch poles rated up to 7.5 amps
  • Captive mounting lugs and reversible mounting sleeve accommodates lighted overlay panel and panel thickness from .032” to .187” (0.81mm to 4.74mm)
  • Solderless bodies have keyed connector plug for easy installation and prevent incorrect mating (solder options available)
  • High Capacity, Compact and Short body options
  • NEXSYS® Component Technology options

Electrical Specifications

  • Voltage options: 28VDC, 28VAC, 5VAC, 5VDC, 115V 400Hz and 115V 60Hz (Standard Square); 28VDC (Large Rectangular)
  • Blocking diodes and/or Press-to-Test options
  • Up to four independent quadrants each with Driving, Dimming and Protection Circuits (DDPC)
  • Single or Split common ground options
  • Variable Voltage Dimming and Discrete Dimming options

Incandescent Lighted Pushbutton Switches

Applied Avionics continues to manufacture and support our 99- and 95- Series of incandescent lighted pushbutton switches. These legacy products offer many of the features available in our LED- Series switches, including the ability to incorporate our NEXSYS Component Technology.