Advanced Lighted Pushbutton
Switches and Indicators

VIVISUN® Switches and Indicators are the preferred choice of leading OEM aircraft manufacturers and military services worldwide. Our products offer life of the platform reliability and are backed by the industry's best delivery time and first class customer service.

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Avionics Interface Solutions

With our NEXSYS® products, Applied Avionics can expand into solutions behind, not just in front of, the cockpit panel. NEXSYS products can work independently or can be paired with VIVISUN lighted pushbutton switches and indicators for applications that require a robust human-machine interface (HMI).

avionics interface

NEXSYS® Component Technology & NEXSYS Module

NEXSYS Component Technology is a set of ruggedized electronic building blocks that can be mix-and-matched together to create tailored system integration solutions. NEXSYS components can be configured inside VIVISUN® switches and indicators, inside NEXSYS Modules and as Thru-hole devices.

ARINC 429 signal converter

NEXSYS® ARINC 429 to Discrete Signal Converter

The NEXSYS® ARINC 429 to Discrete Signal Converter (SR429) takes any single ARINC 429 data word input and converts each data bit into a discrete output signal. The SR429 contains no software or firmware, and is designed and tested in accordance with DO-160.

Discover how our product innovations work together to create custom avionics solutions.

"Solved In The Switch" Application Notes

Functional components including latching flip-flops, solid state relays, digital-to-analog signal converters, Boolean logic gates, voltage sensors, pulse/timers, electronic rotaries, diodes and terminal blocks can be combined to create over 1,000,000 possible configuration options in a small form factor enclosure offering unparalleled design flexibility.

Here’s what electrical system design engineers are saying about NEXSYS Component Technology:

Switch Guards

We offer a number of accessories including switch guards, panel plugs and essential tools that are compatible with all our products. *

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