Product Datasheets

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VIVISUN® Advanced Lighted Pushbutton Switches

Part Number Prefix Lighting Type Cap Size Available w/NEXSYS Components Link
LED Switches & Indicators
LED- LED Standard Square Yes Download
LR3- LED Large Rectangular Yes
Legacy Switches & Indicators
95- Incandescent 0.75" Square Yes Download
99- Incandescent 0.75" Square No Download
5000 LED 1.5" x 1.0" No Download

NEXSYS® LYNK - Integrated Signal Processor

Title Description Download Link
NEXSYS LYNK Integrated Signal Processor Provides an overview of the NEXSYS LYNK Integrated Signal Processor, configurable inside VIVISUN switches and indicators NEXSYS Modules and NEXSYS Avionics Enclosure. Download
DCU120 Installation Manual Install manual for DCU120-S, DCU120-M1, and DCU120-B Download

NEXSYS® Component Technology

Title Description Link
Configuration Guides
NEXSYS Component Technology Guide Provides an overview of the types and specifications of the available NEXSYS components, configurable inside VIVISUN switches and indicators and NEXSYS Modules. Download
Component Datasheets
ARINC Single-Bit Converter (SR429/1M) Single label, Single-Bit ARINC 429 digital-to-analog signal converter View
ARINC Multi-Bit Converter (SR429/4M) Single label, Multi-Bit ARINC 429 digital-to-analog signal converter View
ARINC Multi-Bit Binary Decoder (SR429/4D) Single label, Multi-Bit ARINC 429 digital-to-analog binary decoder View
Current Sensor Undercurrent or overcurrent monitoring View
Defined Logic Boolean AND, OR, NOT (inverter) and Exclusive OR logic gates up to four inputs View
Diode Pack Two independent diodes available in commercial or military configurations View
Electronic Latch Electronic flip-flop to replace magnetic or solenoid switches View
Electronic Rotary Pushbutton actuation to cycle through up to four latched states View
Pulse / Timer Dual channel, edge detecting, one-shot pulse generator from 125 ms to 20 seconds View
Solid State Relay Normally Open (up to 0.75 amps) or Normally Closed (up to 0.25 amps) View
Combination Solid State Relay Four internally connected SPST switches, available in multiple Normally Open and Normally Closed configurations. View
Square Wave Oscillator Output a signal that oscillates between Open and Ground at a specified rate. View
Terminal Block Rated at 5 amps View
Multinode Terminal Block Rated at 7.5 amps Download
Time Delay Output a delayed Ground or Open signal initiated after a specified input trigger event. View
Voltage Sensor Monitor DC under-volt or over-volt condition from 1 VDC to 48 VDC

NEXSYS® ARINC Signal Converter

Title Description Download Link
ARINC 429 to Discrete Signal Converter (SR429/1) Converting an ARINC 429 signal to discrete outputs is simple with the software-free, firmware-free SR429/1 signal converter. Download