NEXSYS® Interface Design Team

NEXSYS® products offer design engineers an extensive collection of solid-state devices, capable of advancing system functionality and interface. In addition to outstanding product quality and exceptional on-time delivery, our customers have direct access to the NEXSYS® Interface Design Team. Whether your requirements are straightforward or complex, these subject matter experts are equipped to help develop your NEXSYS® application solution by providing detailed technical specifications, engineering assistance, and even part number configuration.

The NEXSYS® Interface Design Team is committed to maximizing value through design and technology, and will support each phase of your design, from concept to component delivery. Our NEXSYS® experts can review your requirements and make recommendations to help develop a well-designed solution for your application. The team is skilled at creating Application Diagrams, generating LTspice Electronic Simulations, and providing 3D models (.stp or .iges) in support of your efforts to develop a NEXSYS® solution for your next application.

The NEXSYS® Interface Design Team serves the United States and all international territories. Please feel free to reach a member of our team today!

Joe Stiffler

NEXSYS® Product Line Manager

+1-817-445-1182 (Direct)
+1-817-723-1643 (Mobile)