NEXSYS® Component Technology – Timing Components


Current Sensor

Summary Description

The NEXSYS Pulse/Timer (PT1) is a Series C (8 pin) dual-channel, pulse generator (one-shot) that provides stable retriggerable/resettable operation for timed pulse output applications. The independent channels can also be wired in series to provide a propagation delay for a custom, time-delayed one-shot.

Pulse/Timer Block Diagram

Input Characteristics

28V: Operating voltage (nom.), 4 mA current draw (max.). 

GND: Continuous Ground required. 

TR1, TR2: Detects a rising or falling edge signal level signal transition which functions as the control interface trigger to drive timed outputs. 

RST1, RST2: Immediate termination (reset) of the pulsed output.

Output Characteristics

Q1, Q2: Independent outputs are one-shot drivers and are available with two output options. The defined timing options for the output pulse range from 125 ms to 20 seconds. The output load capacity is 2.0 A (Resistive), per channel. 

Output = Ground – Normally High Impedance output becomes Ground for a specified time interval (pulse) when the input is triggered by the specified signal level transition. 

Output = High Impedance – Normally grounded output becomes High Impedance for a specified time interval (pulse) when the input is triggered by the specified signal level transition.

Pulse/Timer – Application Examples

To help system designers understand the potential of NEXSYS Component Technology, we have assembled a collection of Application Notes. The links below show example applications that utilize the Pulse/Timer component.

Application Example

Valve Control and Annunciation

Valve Control and Annunciation The design converts momentary switch presses into timed pulses to actuate the valve open and closed in an oxygen valve control system. Once the valve is opened, positive indication of oxygen flow is provided via a flow sensor internal to the valve.