Our History and Vision

Applied Avionics Plant, Ft. Worth, TX

Applied Avionics, Inc. (fka Aerospace Optics Inc.) was incorporated in June of 1968 and got its start in avionics manufacturing by producing custom edge-lighted panels, knobs and annunciators for use in aircraft cockpits.

In the mid-to-late 1970’s, the company shifted its focus to the production of rugged high quality illuminated pushbutton switches. The company’s VIVISUN 99 incandescent illuminated pushbutton switch revolutionized aircraft crew station lighting with sunlight readability and MIL-PRF-22885 qualification for switches. It gained immediate acceptance as the standard in aircraft crew station lighting in both the military and commercial aircraft markets. The company was among the first to offer Night Vision Goggle (NVG) compatibility in its switches during the late 1970s and early 1980s. In 1983, Aerospace Optics had moved to a new 32,000 square-foot facility situated on a 15-acre campus in east Fort Worth, Texas.

In 1996, the company introduced the VIVISUN LED illuminated pushbutton switch. The VIVISUN LED switch integrated its signature sunlight readability with the reliability of the LED’s to provide customers with the best crew station illumination on all platforms and the highest reliability available in the industry today. The LED line was expanded again in 2008 with the offering of a larger rectangular 1 x 1.2 inch format switch especially suited for Master Caution / Master Warning applications. This larger switch is available with the same features and performance characteristics of our standard LED product lines.

NEXSYS Component Technology was introduced in 2010, allowing a variety of independent mix-and-match electronic components to be incorporated in a switch body or in a dedicated behind-the-panel NEXSYS Module. These components allow electrical system designers to maximize functionality while minimizing cockpit real estate, reducing installation labor, and simplifying the bill of material required. NEXSYS Component Technology allows virtually unlimited custom configurations that uniquely address the designer’s specific functional requirements.

“The new products in our NEXSYS line are uniquely qualified to expand our reach beyond man-machine interface.

Based on the success of NEXSYS Component Technology, the company changed its name from Aerospace Optics, Inc. to Applied Avionics, Inc. in November 2015. This change was made to support the company’s growth and the introduction of its new line of avionics system integration products under the NEXSYS™ brand, which debuted at the 2015 AEA Convention & Trade Show in Dallas, TX.

“The new products in our NEXSYS line are uniquely qualified to expand our reach beyond man-machine interface. Our NEXSYS Module and ARINC 429 to Discrete Signal Converter are machine-machine interface solutions which do not rely on the optical display features that our VIVISUN lighted pushbutton switches are best known for.” states President and Chairman, Loren Jensen, “Our brand changes are a signal to our customers and the industry that we are continuing our long history of product innovation.”

“Our commitment continues to be a best-in-class manufacturer and supplier.”

Although the company name has changed, its leadership and its core values are the same. Applied Avionics’ manufacturing plant in Fort Worth, TX employs over 80 skilled professionals, and the company has affiliate representation in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil and Australia. A strong culture of employee loyalty and low turnover has allowed it to achieve the manufacturing excellence that the company is known for.

“Our commitment continues to be a best-in-class manufacturer and supplier.”, says Vice President of Sales, Todd West. “We apply this at every level of our operation, from product quality, performance and support, to providing the industry’s best product delivery time and to our dedication for an exceptional customer service experience.”