NEXSYS® ARINC Signal Converter (SR429/1)

If you are looking for the single-bit, single-label ARINC 429 Converter NEXSYS component that can be configured inside a VIVISUN® annunciator or behind-the-panel NEXSYS® Module, click here.
ARINC Signal Converter
  • Available as Pre-Configured or as a settable, Universal Unit
  • Meets RTCA DO-160 and military test standards.
  • No software, firmware or programmable logic.

Converting an ARINC 429 signal to discrete outputs is simple with the software-free, firmware-free NEXSYS® ARINC Signal Converter (SR429/1) from Applied Avionics. The SR429/1 can be pre-configured to any specific ARINC label, or can be ordered as a universal converter that the integrator may set to any desired label prior to installation. In either case, the SR429/1 delivers each of the 23 data bits on its own dedicated output pin, providing the utmost in design and specification flexibility.

Product Features

Simple Integration: The SR429/1 contains no software, firmware or programmable logic. System design and implementation time is shortened by not requiring DO-178 and DO-254 qualification.

Performance: The SR429/1 meets or exceeds DO-160 and equivalent MIL-STD test levels.

Label: The SR429/1 accommodates a single valid ARINC label (000 – 377). The specified label can be factory preset, or set by the user when ordering a Universal unit.

Input Speed: The SR429/1 is a compliant ARINC 429 receiver that may be ordered as a high speed (100 kbps) or low speed (12.5 kbps) unit. Universal units can be set to either speed.

Discrete Outputs: ARINC 429 bits 9 through 31 are latched as unique outputs on dedicated connector pins 9 - 31. Each output contains the most recent data received for the selected label. Data is held until a new word containing the selected label is received.

Output Signal: Unit must be specified as “Active Low” or “Active Open”. For Active Low, unit powers up with all bits as 0 and each output as open (high impedance). When the associated data bit is high (1), output pins 9-31 are active low (ground). For Active Open, unit powers up with all bits as 0 and each output as low (ground). When the associated data bit is high (1), output pins 9-31 are active open (high impedance). The maximum current is 1 A per pin, all output pins combined cannot exceed 12 amps.

Master Reset: The SR429/1 includes a Master Reset (/MR) input (Pin 36) that resets back to its power up state and holds the unit in reset as long as the master reset line is held low. Upon release, the unit remains in the power up state and is ready to receive the specified data label.

Connector: The SR429/1 uses a filtered DC-37P connector to provide 330 pF capacitive coupling per pin to chassis ground for enhanced EMC capability.

Weight: 11 ounces (312 grams)

Grounding: Unit is required to be grounded to aircraft chassis for ARINC 429 wire shield termination. Bottom surface of mounting tabs are provided as a conductive surface. If grounding is through the attachment bolts #10 internal toothed paint cutting star washer must be used. Low resistance ground bond not required.

Mounting: Four #10-32 machine screws (not provided).Internal toothed #10 paint cutting lock washers recommended. Torque to 32 – 35 in-lb. Unit is to be mounted on a flat surface with < 0.04” maximum distortion.

SR429 DiagramSR429 Diagram