Our hardware kits include essential tools and components necessary for the installation and support of our products. Each of these parts is accessible on the Part Configurator on the main navigation bar.

Connector Plugs

P/N 18-200
Compact Body
without LOGIC
Connector Plug

P/N 18-240
High-Capacity Body
without LOGIC
Connector Plug

P/N 18-442
Compact Body
with LOGIC
Connector Plug

P/N 18-440
High-Capacity Body with
LOGIC and LOGIC Module
Connector Plug
Installation Tools

P/N 17-150
Cap Extractor

Wire Insertion Tool

Connector Plug Extractor
Test Connectors

P/N 18-287
Test Adapter Assembly Compact Body 14 Pin

P/N 18-288
Test Adapter Assembly High Capacity Body 22 Pin