VIVISUN® Advanced Lighted Pushbutton Switches and Indicators

Other Features

Blocking Diodes

VIVISUN cap displays are available with blocking diodes. Internal blocking diodes reduce sneak paths and minimize the possibility of interaction between illumination and system power.

Press-To-Test (with Blocking Diodes)

The Press-To-Test option provides a dedicated test input which allows the entire legend (every segment) to energize when the specified test signal is applied to the dedicated test input. Additionally, each LED input is diode isolated to prevent the occurrence of a sneak path from the test signal while in “Test Mode”. As depicted, multiple pushbutton caps may be connected together in order to illuminate all pushbutton cap legends while in the “Test Mode”. The common anode circuit shown demonstrates the three interconnect options available when Press-To-Test is specified.

Press-to-test Block Diagram

Enhanced EMI Shielding

When the EMI option is specified, VIVISUN switches meet the MIL-PRF-22885 requirements for shielding attenuation not less than 60dB over the frequency range from 100 to 1000MhZ.

High Shock

When the High Shock option is specified, the sealed indicators and momentary action switches meet the high impacts shock test defined in MIL-PRF-22885 Method II. High Impact Shock is only available for indicators and momentary action switches. Additionally, choosing High Impact Shock will require a Dripproof/Watertight/Splashproof switch body.