VIVISUN® Advanced Lighted Pushbutton Switches and Indicators

Cap Display

Display Cap Sizes

VIVISUN switches and indicators offer two display cap size options as shown below. Standard Square display caps offer a full range of advanced product options, while Large Rectangular display caps feature a larger viewing area. Both display cap sizes can be configured in a High Capacity, Compact or Short bodies.

Standard Square

Cap Segmentation

Large Rectangular

Cap Segmentation

Both display cap sizes are available with an optional seal that prevents sand, dust and water from entering the switch and indicator body. The optional seal meets the requirements of MIL-PRF-22885 and MIL-STD-108 for drip-proof, watertight and splash-proof operation.

Display Segmentation

Display caps can be configured with up to four segments as shown below. Each segment can be independently controlled and specified with its own display type, legend and display color. VIVISUN switches and indicators can also be rotated and mounted at 90° to achieve a vertically stacked legend and additional layouts.

Standard Square

Cap Segmentation

Large Rectangular

Cap Segmentation

* Not available with Illumination Test Input

Display Types and Sunlight Readability

Display caps can be configured in dead-face and visible legend display styles shown below. The Type S display type meets the most stringent MIL-PRF-22885 sunlight readability and contrast requirements. Type H is appropriate for applications that do not require full sunlight readability. Type D and Type N are similar, with Type N applicable for very low luminance non-dimmable applications. Except for Type W, display types can be different for each display segment. The typical luminance levels for each display type are shown at the rated voltage.

Dead-face (when Off)

Deadface Cap Display

Visible White (when Off)

Visible Cap Display

Display Lighting Colors

VIVISUN display caps can be configured in six aviation and eight NVIS lighting colors. While NVIS Red meets the requirements of MIL-STD-3009, NVIS Alt. Red offers a truer red hue that may be preferable in certain applications. 

Aviation Colors*

Blue, Cyan, Green, White, Yellow/Amber, Red

NVIS Compliant Colors*

Blue, Green A, Green B, White, Yellow Class A, Yellow Class B, Red, Alt. Red

* Certain colors are not available for all display types.

Fonts, Symbols and Custom Legends

Character fonts can be selected to optimize readability for different Display Types and character sizes (0.072” – 0.220”). Non-English language characters and custom symbols are also easily accommodated. The Part Configurator allows a preview of the final legend design. The following fonts are currently available: