VIVISUN® Advanced Lighted Pushbutton Switches and Indicators

Cap Dimming

VIVISUN display caps are available with two options for lighting control.

Voltage Dimming

LED caps configured for Voltage Dimming use a patented advanced electrical circuit design which allows consistent, uniform dimming from daylight conditions to nighttime flying levels with a simple change to input voltage. Luminance for each display lighting color has been optimized for each display type to provide a consistent transition along the entire relevant voltage range.

Discrete Dimming (available only in Standard Square display caps)

LED caps configured with Discrete Dimming provide stepped dimming levels in a single display cap. Dimming levels are reached by applying various combinations of +28 VDC, Ground, or Open to two dimming mode control pins.

There are nine distinct dimming levels shown in the table below covering the entire range of Aviation and NVIS colors. Each cap can be configured with two levels (i.e. Sunlight / Aviation Night) or three levels (i.e. Sunlight / Aviation Night / NVIS Compliant).

Dimming Levels Options Typical Luminance (Full Face, Type S)
Aviation Colors NVIS Colors Approx. Equivalent Voltage Typical Luminance
Sunlight +28 VDC >350 fL
Day +18 - 20 VDC 120 fL
Enclosure +15 - 17 VDC 60 fL
Aviation Night +13 -15 VDC 15 fL
Low Night +8 - 9 VDC 7 fL
Panel NVG Compatible +7 - 8 VDC 2 fL
Low Panel NVG Compatible  (1 fL) +7.2 VDC 1 fL
NVIS Compliant +6.55 - 7 VDC 0.1 - 1.0 fL
Minimum Panel NVIS Compliant (0.1 fL) +6.55 VDC 0.1 fL