VIVISUN® Advanced Lighted Pushbutton Switches and Indicators

Dimming Features

Pushbutton Cap Dimming Guide

VIVISUN switches and indicators are known for superior performance in all lighting conditions from direct sunlight through night vision conditions. LED caps offer two types of dimming schemes; 1) Voltage Dimming and 2) Discrete Dimming with Power/Ground (PG) Control. Both dimming schemes offer Blocking Diodes and Press-To-Test options. Click the thumbnail to download the Pushbutton Cap Dimming Guide.

Voltage Dimming

Voltage dimming LED caps use an advanced electrical circuit design which allows consistent, uniform dimming with a simple change to input voltage. Voltage dimming caps are available in three different schematic layouts; 1) Standard, 2) Standard with Blocking Diodes and 3) Press-To-Test with Blocking Diodes. Blocking diodes reduce sneak paths and minimize the interaction between illumination and system power. Additionally, voltage dimming caps can be customized by polarity (common anode or common cathode), number of commons (single common or split common) and by selecting options for internal quadrant interconnections.

Discrete Dimming – Power/Ground (PG) Control

Discrete Dimming with Power/Ground Control has up to three predefined dimming modes in a single cap by applying various combinations of 28 VDC, Ground or Open to two dimming mode control pins (Pins F and G). Caps are available in two schematic layouts; 1) Discrete Dim (PG) with Blocking Diodes and 2) Discrete Dim (PG) Press-To-Test with Blocking Diodes. Additionally, discrete dimming caps can be customized by polarity (common anode or common cathode) and by selecting options for internal quadrant interconnections. There are nine distinct dimming levels shown in the table below covering the entire range of Aviation and NVIS colors. Each cap can be configured with two or three of the distinct dimming levels.

Power/Ground Control Dimming Levels
Dimming Levels AvailableTypical Luminance
Aviation ColorsNVIS ColorsApprox. Equivalent
Voltage for LED
Typical Luminance
(Full Face, Type S)
Sunlight28 VDC350+ fL
Day18 - 20 VDC120 fL
Enclosure15 - 17 VDC60 fL
Aviation Night13 -15 VDC15 fL
Low Night8 - 9 VDC7 fL
PanelNVG Compatible7 - 8 VDC2 fL
Low Panel *NVG Compatible - 1 fL *7.2 VDC1 fL
NVIS Compliant6.55 - 7 VDC0.1 - 1 fL
Minimum PanelNVIS Compliant - 0.1 fL *6.55 VDC0.1 fL