VIVISUN® Advanced Lighted Pushbutton Switches and Indicators

Switch Body Options

Body Capacity

VIVISUN bodies are available in a High Capacity, Compact and a Short Body form factor. The different body options provide design flexibility for a full range of panel depth and termination requirements. The High Capacity and Compact Bodies use a solderless connector plug and offer up to four electrical switch poles. In addition, both the High Capacity and Compact bodies accept different combinations of NEXSYS components. The Short Body provides the shortest behind the panel depth option and offers solderable terminations for PCB assemblies or direct solder connections.

High Capacity Body

Compact Body

Short Body

EMI Shielding

VIVISUN switches and indicators are available with an EMI/RFI attenuation option in accordance with MIL-PRF-22885. Shielding efficiency is not less than 60 dB over the frequency range of 100 to 1000 MHz and is available for the VIVISUN Compact and High Capacity bodies with Standard Square and the Large Rectangular display caps. The EMI/RFI option can be specified on the Part Configurator and is denoted in the completed part number. 

High Shock/Vibration

For Operational Shock and Crash Safety, all VIVISUN switches and indicators are qualified to 20 G acceleration and 75 G Half-sine shock. As an option, sealed VIVISUN indicators and momentary action switches can be specified with High Impact Shock features that meet the specifications for MIL-STD-202 method 207. 


VIVISUN bodies offer multiple termination options designed to address a combination of packaging efficiency and reduced installation labor. The solderless connector (22 pins for High Capacity; 14 pins for Compact) significantly reduces touch labor and utilizes industry standard MIL-C-39029/22-192 crimp contact sockets (ordered separately) on 20 - 24 AWG wires. Solderable connections on Short Body housings are available with turret, spade, and wire wrap/PCB terminals.

Connector Plug for
Compact Bodies
Connector Plug for
High Capacity Bodies

Switching Options

Unlike touch screen technologies, VIVISUN switches provide the operator a distinct tactile response, giving the operator positive feedback upon actuation. VIVISUN switches utilize proven MIL-PRF-8805 qualified internal electromechanical micro switches rated at 7.5 amps resistive. When specified with gold contacts the switches are rated for low level dry circuit switching.

 A VIVISUN switch body can be specified as momentary action or alternate action. Momentary action switch contacts are only closed while display cap is held in a depressed state. Alternate action display caps remain latched in a depressed state upon the first actuation (and switch contacts remain closed) and a second actuation is required to release the display cap and open the switch contacts. High Capacity bodies can accommodate up to four switch poles, while Compact and Short Bodies can accommodate up to two switch poles. All three bodies can also be ordered as annunciator/indicator with a stationary cap and no internal electromechanical switches.