Application Notes

Delayed Control Activation (Battery Saver)

This example demonstrates functionality that is commonly used in lighting applications (i.e. Cabin, Baggage, Boarding, Galley, etc.) or other systems requiring a dropout function after a specified amount of time expires.

Staggered Power-up

This example demonstrates how multiple Time Delay components can be combined and integrated inside of a NEXSYS Module to provide a sequenced power-up circuit.

Time Limit Switch

This example schematic demonstrates how the NEXSYS Oscillator component may be used as a custom blink generator.

Custom Blink

This example schematic demonstrates how the depicted NEXSYS Oscillator and Time Delay components, integrated inside of a VIVISUN high capacity switch body, can be combined to provide a time limit indicator with optional horn.

Door Status Indicator

This application employs the ARINC 429 Multi-Bit Converter (SR429/4M) to provide the status of four independent doors using ARINC data. A single ARINC data label may include the status (i.e. Locked = 0, Unlocked = 1) of four different doors on four separate bits within the label.

WAAS Approach

This solution uses our NEXSYS ARINC 429 Multi-Bit Decoder (SR429/4D) and a NEXSYS Diode Pack component inside a VIVISUN High Capacity annunciator housing. Once the ARINC 429 data is received, the annunciator decodes bits 17, 18 and 19 to correspond with the correct level of service.