Application Notes

Power on Reset

This circuit details a system that resets to an off or safe condition when power is cycled. The circuit also assures the system is in a known state at power up. This example uses a single VIVISUN High Capacity Body that contains a single switch pole, a NEXSYS Electronic Latch (EL1) and an open position.

Self-Contained Dimming Control

A two-step Discrete Dimming annunciator cap is combined with a VIVISUN High Capacity Body and NEXSYS Component Technology to provide an illuminated pushbutton switch that alternates between sunlight and night level illumination each time it is actuated.

Three Position Toggle Function, Momentary Action

This application uses a momentary action illuminated pushbutton switch to provide function similar to a traditional three position toggle switch. The primary active state is “OFF” and each time the switch is depressed the active state toggles between OFF, SYS1, OFF, SYS2, OFF. The progressive transitions have the same interface function as a multi-position toggle switch but with the added value of an illuminated legend.

Dual Input Interface Control

Dual inputs control the operation of an external strobe light turning it ON or OFF from either the Pilot’s or Co-pilot’s position. The system performance is enhanced by providing an electrical buffer to assure ground integrity.

Auto-Canceling Interlock Switching

This example has 4 momentary switches with an electronic interconnect. The interconnect function has a similar action to mechanically interlocked switches. When the operator presses a switch, the selected function becomes active and any other selected function is canceled.