Delayed Control Activation (Battery Saver)

This example demonstrates functionality that is commonly used in lighting applications (i.e. Cabin, Baggage, Boarding, Galley, etc.) or other systems requiring a dropout function after a specified amount of time expires. Likewise, the momentary ground from the switch is converted to an electronic latch by means of the EL1 component, allowing the VIVISUN push-button cap to always remain in the “out” position. Once the specified time expires, the Time Delay provides a ground to the /RST Input of the EL1 which automatically drops out the lighting system relay and Time Delay.

Disclaimer: The configurations and diagrams shown above are provided by Applied Avionics, Inc. as a general example only. The recipient is solely responsible for actual design, electrical wiring, validation, testing, applicability and functionality of the product in regards to the customer’s specific application.