Delayed Control Activation (Battery Saver)

Delayed Control Activation (Battery Saver) DiagramClick to Zoom

This example demonstrates functionality that is commonly used in lighting applications (i.e. Cabin, Baggage, Boarding, Galley, etc.) or other systems requiring a dropout function after a specified amount of time expires. Likewise, the momentary ground from the switch is converted to an electronic latch by means of the EL1 component, allowing the VIVISUN push-button cap to always remain in the “out” position. Once the specified time expires, the Time Delay provides a ground to the /RST Input of the EL1 which automatically drops out the lighting system relay and Time Delay.

Disclaimer: The configurations and diagrams shown above are provided by Applied Avionics, Inc. as a general example only. The recipient is solely responsible for actual design, electrical wiring, validation, testing, applicability and functionality of the product in regards to the customer’s specific application.