Time Limit Switch

This example schematic demonstrates how the depicted NEXSYS Oscillator and Time Delay components, integrated inside of a VIVISUN high capacity switch body, can be combined to provide a time limit indicator with optional horn. When the switch is pressed it provides a latched ground to the input (IN) of the Time Delay which initiates the timer. When the specified time limit is reached, the Time Delay triggers the Oscillator to begin flashing the “LIMIT” indicator and sounding the horn at the specified frequency rate. This state will continue until the switch is depressed, which removes the latched ground from the Time Delay component and resets the circuit.

Disclaimer: The configurations and diagrams shown above are provided by Applied Avionics, Inc. as a general example only. The recipient is solely responsible for actual design, electrical wiring, validation, testing, applicability and functionality of the product in regards to the customer’s specific application.