NEXSYS® Component Technology Solves Countless Avionics System Interface Challenges

NEXSYS® Component Technology is a platform of solid-state electronic devices that solve countless system interface challenges. From custom digital and analog control circuits to data processing, NEXSYS Component Technology exponentially expands the operator interface capabilities well beyond basic power or ground switching.

There are currently twelve distinct functional categories of NEXSYS components. ARINC signal processing, electronic latching flip flop control, Boolean logic gates, current or voltage sensors, and solid-state relays are just a few of the advanced functions available in the NEXSYS component library.

NEXSYS components contain no firmware or software and are qualified to meet the most demanding MIL-SPEC performance and DO-160 electrical and environmental standards.

The micro form-factor allows multiple NEXSYS components to be packaged directly inside a single VIVISUN® housing. The housing can host NEXSYS components that function "in conjunction with" or "independently of" internal switch poles. Alternatively, NEXSYS components can replace all switch poles to create an indicator with a custom control circuit, offering significant size and weight advantages over existing options.

NEXSYS components can also be packaged inside a NEXSYS Module to provide maximum installation flexibility.

With twelve functional categories, each having multiple configuration options, there is virtually no limit to the number of ways NEXSYS components can be combined.

NEXSYS Component Configurations

Switches and Indicators
NEXSYS Module Configuration
NEXSYS Modules

Application Examples

Application Notes

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