2.6.2 Terminal Block

Summary Description


The NEXSYS Terminal Block (TB4) is a Series A (4 Pin) component designed to eliminate the need for external splice and terminal junction components. The Terminal Block is rated for a maximum of 5 A and provides the ability to bus a single input to three outputs, see Figure Twenty-two pin NEXSYS Multinode Terminal Block Modules are also available for higher density termination applications, see Figure

The NEXSYS Terminal Block (TB4, MPTB) is commercial-off-the-shelf item. This standard catalog hardware includes features to allow for flexible interface design solutions while also meeting aircraft performance standards. The TB is designed, tested, and qualified to MIL-PRF-22885/116, MIL-PRF-22885/117, DO-160 and MIL-STD-461 requirements. Specifications are available in our MIL-PRF and DO-160 Documents page, and the qualification table is available in Appendix A.

Input/Output (I/O) Characteristics

NEXSYS Terminal Blocks are manufactured with four terminals (1-4) tied together, see Figure NEXSYS Multinode Terminal Block Modules are manufactured with up to twenty-two (22) terminals tied together in one (1) to six (6) node segments, see Figure

Configuration Options

The NEXSYS Terminal Block is available in the 4-splice configuration. NEXSYS Multinode Terminal Block Modules are available in 3-splice to 22-splice configurations. External terminal block configurations are also available.

Terminal Block 4 (TB4)
Four (4) termination splice, rated at 5.0 A (Max) and 1.0 (Max) when used with SR429 Signal Converters.

Multinode Terminal Block Modules (22 Pin)
Twenty-two pin Terminal Block Modules are available in one (1) to six (6) node segments and rated at 7.5 A (Max), see Figure Multinode Terminal Block Modules can be specified with the Connector Plug (P/N: 18-440) included or separately for advance wire harness manufacture without the necessity of having the Module housing. The solderless termination interface uses MIL-C-39029/22-192 (AAI P/N: 18-219) sockets crimped onto 20, 22, or 24 gauge wire. Additional details concerning Connector Plug Termination and Installation are available, see Section 4.2 and 4.3. Each Module is provided with an in-line boot (P/N: 22-004). The Modules are also compatible with M81714 Tracks (Type 1), and additional NEXSYS Module Installation and Mounting Options, see Section 3.3.


Configuration Military P/N AAI P/N

M22885-XXXX/116(1) LM-1210-E-MPTB1(2)

M22885-XXXX/116(1) LM-1210-E-MPTB2(2)

M22885-XXXX/116(1) LM-1210-E-MPTB3(2)

M22885-XXXX/116(1) LM-1210-E-MPTB4(2)

M22885-XXXX/116(1) LM-1210-E-MPTB5(2)

M22885-XXXX/116(1) LM-1210-E-MPTB6(2)
Crimp Sockets M39029/22-192 18-219(3)
(1) Terminal Blocks are designed and tested to the referenced military specifications and are compatible with M81714 Tracks (Type 1).
(2) Terminal Blocks can be specified with the Connector Plug (P/N: 18-440) included, as referenced in the table or separately. Replace the "E" with an "X" (i.e., LM-1210-X-MPTB1) in the part number to specify the Connector Plug separately.
(3) Connector Plugs (P/N: 18-440) are supplied with sealing plugs, but NOT crimp sockets. Crimp sockets are ordered using P/N: 18-219.

Terminal Junction Modules
Three versions of 7.5 A, 10-pin, rail-mounted terminal blocks. Crimp socket size differs from NEXSYS components; consult MIL-T-81714 and MIL-T-81714/2 for detailed product specifications, see Figure


Configuration Military P/N AAI P/N
M81714/2-DA1(3) 22-017(1)
M81714/2-DB1(3) 22-018(1)
M81714/2-DC1(3) 22-019(1)
Crimp Sockets(2) M39029/1-101 22-120
(1) Terminals Blocks are supplied with crimp sockets and sealing plugs. Additional crimp sockets for dedicated terminal blocks are ordered using Applied Avionics P/N: 22-120.
(2) These crimp sockets are compatible with the dedicated external terminal blocks listed. All VIVISUN Body and NEXSYS Module components, including the 4-pin integrated terminal block (TB4), use MIL-C-39029/22-192 (Applied Avionics P/N: 18-219) crimp sockets, ordered separately.
(3) Consult MIL-T-81714 and MIL-T-81714/2 for detailed product specifications; temperature range -65°C to +200°C, insulation resistance 5,000 megaohms at +25°C, and dielectric withstanding 1,500 VRMS. Terminal Block, Operating Parameters


Description Parameters
Operating Parameters
Insulation Resistance 5000 megaohms at 25° C
Dielectric Withstanding 1000 VRMS
Operating & Non Op. Temp. -55° C to +85° C
Electrical Parameters
Terminal Block 4 (TB4)
Current Rating (Max)
5.0 A (Maximum) and 1.0 (Maximum) with SR429 Signal Converters
Multinode TB Module
Current Rating (Max)
7.5 A (Maximum) /Node
Electrical and Environmental Performance
Meets or exceeds defined levels for RTCA/D0-160 and MIL-STD-202