Document Overview

The NEXSYS Technical Guide provides comprehensive design requirements for the installation, operation, and application of NEXSYS Components, manufactured by Applied Avionics.

NEXSYS Components: ARINC 429 Signal Converters (SR429/1M, SR429/4D, SR429/4M), Defined Logic (DL1, DL2, DL3, DL4), Electronic Latch (EL1 and EL2), Electronic Rotary (ER1), Solid State Relay (SSR1, SSR2, SSRCH), Pulse Timer (PT1), Time Delay (TD1, TD2), Square Wave Oscillator (CT1, CT2), Voltage Sensor (VSD1, VSD2), Current Sensor (CS1), Diode Pack (DP2C, DP2M) and Terminal Block 4 (TB4).

NEXSYS Packaging Options: VIVISUN lighted pushbutton switch or indicator bodies, or NEXSYS Module.

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