Single-bit, ARINC 429 Converter inside a VIVISUN Annunciator

lighted push button annunciator
  • Applications include discrete single-bit warning, including ADS-B Out failures
  • Simple device, not subject DO-178 or DO-254 requirements
  • Most cost effective ARINC 429 converter solution on the market

The SR429/1M is a single bit ARINC converter, with additional inputs for up to two independent discrete analog signals. The typical application for the SR429/1M is for failure indications, although the device can be used for a wide range of ARINC digital to analog conversion situations. What makes the SR429/1M device unique is its ability to be packaged inside a traditional switch, indicator or NEXSYS Module.

Component Features

Transponder supplies the ARINC decoder circuitry with the two wire ARINC signal input and can be configured with the following options:

  • Any single ARINC Label (000 – 377)
  • Any single data bit from selected label (11 – 31)
  • ARINC transmission speed (High or Low)
  • ARINC bit output type (Pin K4)
  • Can be specified to be Active Low or Active Open when selected data bit = 1
  • Handling of SDI Bits (Bits 9 & 10) ARINC parity checking (On or Off)

Fail Sense Circuitry:

The internal fail sense circuitry simultaneously monitors the operation of the internal ARINC decoder and 2 optional external inputs and drives a single discrete output. Output will be normally Ground and become Open (high impedance) upon 1) a “fail” signal from the internal health monitor or 2) an indication from either of the optional external inputs.